some sketches/unfinished things.  

headworld time.  

Atrium is another Arch that plays a role in my story.  He is much older than Kurai and the two have no relations aside from both being Archs.  The symbol on his head is a brand left by the Eclipse.  He is a ‘survivor’ of its curse and the only being who was able to break -most- of its bond to him.  The events leading up to and breaking his bonds haunt him.  The Senate assumed him to be dead long ago, but Atrium left behind a stigma about Archs (as very few in Vladimir have met one), that they are bad omens.  Now he resides on a small island sandwiched between Vladimir and Dracania where it’s too stormy and rocky to sail normal ships through.  The area is foggy, wet, and cold most days and very little food is found on the island.  Trips to the mainland are made to stock up on essentials.  Despite living alone in an abandoned defense castle many ages old, he feels it provides him what he needs.

little edit: forgot to mention he is male…but I’ll be throwing clothes on him anyways so…yeah.  U:

I imagine his voice to be a mellower spinoff of Jeremy Irons.  I: